GPS-IOT tracking server

Welcome to the GPS-IOT control & tracking server!

A plastic card with registration data may be included in the delivery set of the device. This means that your device has already been registered on the GPS-IOT server during production. The device itself is also configured to send data to this server. Therefore, additional configuration of the device and registration of a new user are not required. Use the login name and password specified on the card to access the device’s account. (The Login name matches the unique IMEI number, it is indicated under the barcode)

Use the delegation function, with which you can give access to the device in other personal accounts of the server GPS-IOT. This way you can manage different devices from the same account.

Warning: We recommend that you provide your correct E-mail and mobile phone number. If you lose your data card, you can restore access to your Personal Area. The GPS-IOT Server will not allow you to change the password before you specify E-Mail and mobile number.

For GPRS connection of your device to the GPS-IOT server, send an SMS command to it: password,i3=060

To monitor all movements of the device, you will need to switch it to Online modeby the command: password, online (Please note that in Online mode, the internal battery life is enough for only 40 hours of work, so we recommend that you connect external power!)

To fully transfer the management of your device to this server, set the owner number in it +79858002040 (sample of sms-command: 1234,+79858002040). This is a federal SMS-number of GPS-IOT for communication with your device not only through the GPRS channel, but also through SMS messages. Also, when using this number, there is no longer any need to control the device from your phone, all control can be performed from the server of GPS-IOT. Incoming SMS messages from your device are also stored on the server and you can see them in your account. The limit of SMS commands and SMS notifications sent from the platform for each IMEI (device) is no more than 30 pieces per day, no more than 50 pieces per month and a total limit of 100 SMS during the entire life of the device.

This service is free for you. The number of devices per account is not limited.

After registering your account on the server and inserting IMEI numbers of your devices into it, you can see the location and tracks of your devices through the web interface, or by downloading and installing the Windows program “AutoFon KSA”, which is the most optimized for control and monitoring large number of devices and has maximum functionality.

Have a nice use!

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